3D Printing Services

 MeasureUp will make your dream Building / House model a reality. With our new 3d printing service MeasureUp will help you build your model:

3D printing has extensive advantages and applications in various fields for the near future.

3D Printing is an amazing tool that is utilised to save time and shorten the period in which a prototype model is built; as the only way to have done so was by hand and to shorten this process more than one designer had to work on a model building project. 3D printing is cost effective and increases productivity for both the client and our company. It is a technological tool that is extremely flexible and even the finest details can be included in a design, therefore effectively capturing the look and essence of any structure. It allows for a flat electronic design to allow the viewer a visual perspective of any structure. Hence it is a  physical and touchable three dimensional structure that can even provide a realistic glimpse of the terrain and other natural elements around the structure such as trees, shadows and general layout of the environment.


The benefit of 3D printing include:

·        Less waste.

·        Cheap Manufacturing therefore cost effective.

·        Quick production saving you time.

·        Intricate, precise details are fully represented in the model so that it is easily understood by anyone.

·        Can give a visual perspective of the layout that cannot be achieved by blueprints.

·        You are not limited to straight lines, curves and rounded lines can accurately be printed as it is in reality, which means that complex

          detailed designs can be recreated.

·        Printing is not limited to commercial buildings or homes, swimming pools, the environmental elements such as trees can be included.

·        You are only limited by your imagination.

·        Experimentation and adjustments are easier.

·        Identifying problems earlier avoid costly mistakes

·        Functionality

·        Improves creativity

 With over 20 colours to choose from, MeasureUp can bring your model to life.

Let us help you make your model MesureUp to your clients expectations.